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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Abandoned Wearhouse

This is near Monrovia, Md.

Weathered old barn

I’ve only been to Bombay Hook, National Wildlife Refuge, twice, Most of the waterways were ice covered, but a few had flowing water. Although the temperature was in the 40s, we had been having below freezing temperatures for quite a while.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron



Hooded Mergnaser

Hooded Merganser

Bollman Bridge at Savage

Trolly Pole

Once upon a time Street Cars occupied the streets of Baltimore. They were retired in favour of busses in the late 1950s and early 1960s. There are now about a dozen old street cars, sometimes known as Trolley Cars, in the Baltimore Streetcar Museum. This is a close-up of the top end of the ‘pole’ and the wheel that made contact with the ‘trolley wire’ to supply power to the car.

Male and Female Cardinal

Taken on January 9, 2010

Red Sholder Hawk

Taken on January 08, 2010, but not posted till January 10, 2010

Ice on the Chesapeake

It’s been many years since there has been an ice cover on the Bay,

Glaze test
Today it’s an indoor still life taken in a Pottery Workshop. The lighting is a mix of Florescent and morning sunlight coming in through the windows on the other side of the room – white balance set to “cloudy”. To the naked eye the wall is a dingy white, with the accumulation of years of clay dust.

First panorama
Nothing great today, just my first (recent) attempt at a panorama. Back in the early 1970’s I took a series of shots with a Nikormat FTN, then realized that they could be put together into a panorama. Printed on 11×14 paper it was about 8 feet long, and later was reduced to about 8″ long for inclusion in a pilot’s magazine. One artifact was that there was a person walking along the flightline, this was of an airport, and he appeared three times in the final picture.

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