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As the sun is rising in early December 2007, a lone sloop heads out of Back Creek into the Chesapeake Bay. At 7am there isn’t much wind, it’d be hard sailing. Could it be headed for warmer waters further south?

Taken from the Annapolis Maritime Museum in Eastport, Md.

Camera model : NIKON D80
Date/Time : 2007:12:03 07:16:38
Resolution : 2867 x 1919 (this is a crop from the original)
Focal length : 68.0mm (35mm equivalent: 102mm)
Exposure time: 0.0012 s (1/800)
Aperture : f/4.2
ISO equiv. : 800

CEE’S PHOTOGRAPHY Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light”


Red Fox

The Flip

After a Great Blue Heron catches a fish, normally crosswise in it’s beak, it must flip the fish so that it goes down head first. No this heron didn’t loose the fish, This shot was taken during the brief instant the fish was in the air before being recaught head first.

Birds in the window

For Cee’s “A Lingering Look at Windows: Week # 1

Natural Snow Sculpture

White and Green

Red, White and Blue

Just a few random shots while out on Snowshoes the day after the storm finally stopped.

Abandoned Windows

Wearhouse !!

Abandoned Wearhouse

This is near Monrovia, Md.

Weathered old barn

I’ve only been to Bombay Hook, National Wildlife Refuge, twice, Most of the waterways were ice covered, but a few had flowing water. Although the temperature was in the 40s, we had been having below freezing temperatures for quite a while.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron



Hooded Mergnaser

Hooded Merganser

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